Mouth Watering: Quinoa Salad with Beetroot, Broad Beans & Feta

I’ve always loved stop motion videos and I’m often inspired to create my own, so I decided it was time to teach myself how to do it.  For my first attempt at stop motion I thought I’d create a little video of me in the kitchen. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make this quinoa salad…

Quinoa Salad with Beetroot, Broad Beans and Feta

Quinoa is a grain originating from the Andes Mountain region of South America and is a staple food source in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. In recent years it has become more popular in Western countries and has been hyped as a wonder-grain. It’s gluten-free, has a high protein content, contains all the essential amino-acids, trace elements and vitamins, as well as being high in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium. So basically it’s super healthy!

After my trip to Peru, where quinoa was everywhere, I started looking for good recipes and ended up creating my own quinoa salad with beetroot, broad beans and feta cheese. This is great for lunch or dinner and I’ve made it multiple times over the summer, each time was different as I played with different quantities, but all versions were delicious, so don’t be afraid to adapt it. The colours in this salad are so vibrant, especially because the quinoa is stained red by the beetroot. Make sure to add the broad beans and feta just before serving, otherwise they will be red too… and as you’ll see in the video, your hands might get a bit stained if you grate the beetroot by hand like me! You might want to use a food processor!

Quinoa, 200g
Water, 400mls
Broad beans (frozen), 350g
Olive oil, 1 tbsp
Red onion x2, cut into rings
Garlic, x1 clove, crushed
Ground cumin 1 tbsp
Ground coriander 1 tsp
Chilli flakes 1/4 tsp
Raw beetroot, 200g, peeled and grated
White wine vinegar, 1 1/2 tbsp
Lemon x1, juice and zest of 1 lemon, plus wedges for serving
Feta cheese, 100g, crumbled
Salt & Black Pepper

Quinoa: Rinse with cold water, then put into a pan with 400mls of water and bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 10-15 mins. Leave to cool.

Broad beans: Put into a pan of boiling water, bring back to the boil and then drain immediately and rinse with cold water. Remove the skins by squeezing between your fingers.

Red onion: Sauté over a medium heat for 5-10mins in 1tbsp olive oil until soft. Then add garlic, cumin, coriander and chilli flakes and sauté for another couple of mins.

Beetroot: Grate the beetroot and put into a bowl. Pour over the vinegar and stir well.

Mix together: Add the beetroot to the quinoa and mix until the quinoa is evenly stained red. Then pour over the lemon juice and add the zest. Add the onions, season with salt and black pepper and stir well.

Serve: This recipe serves approx 4 people. Put the quinoa into a serving bowl, then top with the broad beans and crumbled feta cheese. Serve at room temperature with wedges of lemon.

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