Sneak Peek: MA Design – Knitted Wall Panels

Sneak Peek: MA Design – Knitted Wall Panels

In September 2014 I started a Masters in Design at Bath Spa University and spent two and a half years researching and experimenting with different materials, products and techniques. Initially I thought I wanted to learn new skills within textiles, such as weaving and printing, and combining them with other disciplines and technologies, like laser cutting, 3D printing, woodwork and metalwork. I felt excited about trying everything and it was difficult for me to focus on one thing. I soon realised that doing a Masters isn’t about learning a completely new skill from scratch, it is about becoming a Master in something you’re already quite good at.¬† So for me that’s knitting, but I wanted to study something new and different from my previous work as a fashion knitwear designer. So I decided to design for interiors, whilst deepening my knowledge in machine knitting and researching sustainable textiles.

Kate Mawby Knitted Textile Wall Panels for Interiors

I completed my final project at the beginning of this year, January 2017, and graduated with Distinction. My final piece, titled ‘Relatively Distant‘ is a series of six knitted wall panels, and it is on display in the main stairwell at Bath Spa University Sion Hill Campus.

Kate Mawby Knitted Textile Wall Panels - final Masters project on display at Bath Spa University

The knitted panels provide an alternative way of decorating a wall that adds pattern and texture, as well as improving acoustics. Each panel is 112cm x 58cm, made from 100% British wool attached to a recycled felt backing and supported inside with a metal frame for hanging.

This research project aimed to tackle some of the challenges faced by independent designers producing on a small-scale, as well as considering sustainability issues, such as over-production, excess-stock and wastage. The knitted wall panels were designed to be manufactured on-demand with pattern and colour customisation options, therefore only making exactly what is desired.

You can see more photos of my final Masters project in my portfolio.

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