Sneak Peek: Fashion Knitwear Design for Flock

Sneak Peek: Fashion Knitwear Design for Flock

In 2015 whilst I was studying for a Masters, I started freelancing for a British fashion startup, Flock by Nature. Now three years later, despite having moved to Spain, I’m happy to have started working on the next round of designs. Here’s a sneak peek of my design sketches…

Research: Provenance & Transparency

Today we know very little about the majority of things we buy. By providing a narrative about the provenance of a product and sharing information with a transparent and authentic approach, we can tell the story of the supply chain and the people, places and materials involved.

Research: Sustainable Consumption

Consumption and sustainability do not naturally work together, but I am questioning how I can use my design skills and knowledge to produce products that address human emotional needs, in order to achieve a long-term sustainable balance. I would like to design products that people connect with and to build a relationship between designer, maker and user.