Yoga Now: Teacher Training

Yoga Now: Teacher Training

When I told people that I was going to the south of Spain to do a Yoga Teacher Training course, most people replied with “oh, so you’re going on holiday…again!” Ok, so maybe I’ve travelled quite a bit this year, but my latest trip was definitely not a holiday, although the below photos may make you think otherwise! Suryalila Retreat Centre, is set in the Andalucían countryside, once an olive farm and pressing plant, it has now been converted into a beautiful yoga centre. It’s the perfect place to get away from the world and relax…or if you choose to study, it’s a wonderful environment to fully immerse yourself and learn, learn, learn!

Suryalila yoga retreat centreThe three week intense course was…well, exactly what it said on the tin…intense! We studied every waking hour, apart from mealtimes, when we got to enjoy the delicious organic vegetarian food. Each day we had 6 hours of classes and then a lot of homework, covering the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy, learning the Sankrit names of over 100 poses, their correct alignment and how to assist students. We also planned and taught a 75 minute class twice and then got feedback from the students and teachers. Nerve-wracking, but a great experience.

Tropical plants at Suryalila yoga retreat centreI’m not going to deny that there were moments when I thought my brain was going to explode! So much information in such a short space of time. After the first week I thought I’d reached saturation point, but each day I surprised myself with how much more I learnt and retained.  My body changed too. I was convinced that on day two I would ache so much that I wouldn’t be able to walk, but that never happened. We started each day at 6.30am with 3 hours of meditation and yoga and my muscles never complained! Oh, apart from the one day we had off, then I felt the pain, so I guess it’s best never to stop doing yoga!

Organic vegetarian food at Suryalila yoga retreat centreSince I’ve been back I’ve managed to establish my own daily practice of yoga and meditation. It’s not quite 3 hours long, sadly life got in the way of that, but I’m really starting to enjoy my personal practices. In the past I’ve found it a struggle to keep motivated on my own, always finding it easier being led in a group class. But the last couple of days my practice has felt so great that I forgot that I was the one leading it! I’m getting ready to share this with all of you!

Fig trees at Suryalila yoga retreat centrePeacock at Suryalila yoga retreat centreSunset at Suryalila yoga retreat centre

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