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Fashion Knitwear: Flock

Fashion Knitwear: Flock

Flock is a brand that is concerned about sustainability within the fashion industry. And so am I!…

Research: Remaking & Reusing

A shift in user attitude is needed, moving away from product disposal and towards longevity. The key to product durability is about developing an emotional attachment to something, which creates a desire to care for and repair, rather than dispose of and replace. Designers need to change the way they work, considering the end use of products to allow for a circular system to develop, that extends the life cycle of materials through remaking and reusing.

Research: Mass Production & Handcrafts

Handcraft around the world has been affected by the production of cheap mass produced goods and resulting in a homogeneous marketplace. Balance between mass production and craft, the fast and slow, is needed in order to move towards a more sustainable future. I want to embrace new technologies, but not forget traditional craft techniques; combining and contrasting the old and the new for innovative results.

Research: Provenance & Transparency

Today we know very little about the majority of things we buy. By providing a narrative about the provenance of a product and sharing information with a transparent and authentic approach, we can tell the story of the supply chain and the people, places and materials involved.

Research: Sustainable Consumption

Consumption and sustainability do not naturally work together, but I am questioning how I can use my design skills and knowledge to produce products that address human emotional needs, in order to achieve a long-term sustainable balance. I would like to design products that people connect with and to build a relationship between designer, maker and user.

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